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Mbagathi Study Centre

provides college and university students with human, religious, social and professional training; giving them the necessary tools that they need to become responsible citizens.'

Sato GT

Holding discussions with guests from diverse backgrounds, you'll find them intresting. Saturday's from 3:00 P.M (E.A.T)


A Meditation preached by a priest in the chapel. Saturday's from 4:45 P.M (E.A.T)


Weekly formative sessions with topics on the Catholic Doctrine, Human and Professional formation.

An hour of study, for a modern apostle, is an hour of prayer.

St. Josemaría Escrivá

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mainly Saturday Get togethers currently on zoom


Sara and Rodrick sat at the front of the Mbagathi…

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David Sperling

He was seated at the front, eager ears and eyes…

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Body-building animation of a young man

Get valuable advice about body-building from an expert. In body-building care should be taken to appropriately develop all the muscles. Not only that, but that muscle development should be done with a certain proportion. One must work out to develop the muscles, and that means a great deal of consistency, but a protein-rich diet is key to making them appear.

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Charles Owino is an avid rugby player, an advocate of the High Court and an associate lawyer at PWC. He has played for the Kenya Rugby National Team, Shujaa Sevens, he currently plays for Homeboyz rugby team. He acknowledges that it is burdensome to work for PWC and at the same time play rugby professionally. One must have their goals clear.

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The State needs to support the family, since the family’s private actions resulted in not just private effects but also public effects. IFFD then undertakes to advise member states of the United Nations on what policies help make resilient families

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KCPF is an organization that brings together Christian professionals of various denominations sharing common values of Life, Family, Religion and value-based Education and …

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Pope's Monthly Intention